Playing The Piano Will Make You Smarter

Playing The Piano Will Make You Smarter

It sounds like a claim almost too good to be true. And yet study after study shows that’s not the case.Playing The Piano Will Make You Smarter

If you play the piano on a regular basis, it will make you healthier and smarter. Here’s how.

Music keeps you young

The longer a person plays the piano, the longer they are involved in creating music, the less likely they are to experience aging symptoms. Piano lessons and playing regularly keeps the auditory cortex healthy, and prevents age related changes.

It alters your brain

Studies show that people that take music lessons and play the piano add neural connections in the brain differently than those that don’t. This is prime for developing human communication at different levels, helping with speech, languages, memory and paying attention.

It helps with language skills

Musicians are also better in learning to incorporate sound patterns for new languages into words. They process speech in noisy conditions easier, and often do better with developmental issues such as dyslexia or ADHD.

It keeps your brain fit

In order to keep your body fit, you exercise every day. And in order to keep your mind fit, its important to have musical training regularly as well. Music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness, one that can begin helping with learning in school, and continue into old age by helping prevent and lessen the damage from cognitive disorders.

It is a stress reliever

Sitting down to the piano regularly can allow the stress to melt away. It can also reverse stress damage at the molecular level, according to studies performed in various medical schools.

It breeds success

Playing the piano helps develop strong discipline skills, patience, coordination, dedication, as well as the ability to memorize things in detail. Piano playing also reduces the incidence of depression and anxiety, and can help anyone of any age put more focus into their daily life.

Is it time for you to begin taking piano lessons?