Playing The Piano – What To Do When Frustration Hits

Playing The Piano – What To Do When Frustration Hits

Do you imagine yourself playing the piano in front of friends? Starting a band? Being in a rock band?

Yet when you sit down to play, the only thing you get is frustration. You’ve been practicing for months! When will you be able to play the way you imagine?

Before we give you some tips to overcome your frustration, it’s important to note that every piano player goes through frustration from time to time. The important thing to remember is never to give up. 

If you want to improve, keep going. Whether you want piano to be a hobby or a career, there will always be periods of frustration, where you don’t seem to have the skills you want. 

The process is different for everybody. But when you find a way to step around your frustration, keep that in mind as you continue to improve your piano skills. 

Find your motivation – with every hobby you start, it’s important to find your why before you begin. Why do you want to play the piano? When you focus on that, it will help pull you out of moments when you question why you’re doing what you do. You can tell yourself that in your darkest moments. 

Do it anyway – don’t feel like playing? Do it anyway. Instead of working on a frustrating piece, play music you’ve learned and enjoy. That’s why instructors usually have several different tactics during each lesson. You may start with the basics, work on new music, and finish with a favorite song. It gives you a wide variety of things to work on over your playing time. 

Learn the language of music – there’s more to music than playing your favorite songs. Dive deep into piano to discover new things. Understand chords. Read classical music. Listen to several different genres. The more you expand into the art of music, the more you’ll appreciate all it has to offer. 

Get better equipment – if you’ve started on a hand-me-down keyboard, maybe it’s time to upgrade to an acoustic piano. When you have better equipment to practice on, it can sometimes make all the difference in how you play. This is especially true if you have a “toy” keyboard or one that doesn’t have the characteristics of an acoustic piano. Upgrade to one with weighted keys, a full 88 key range, and dynamic sound, and you may find your love for playing the piano all over again. 

If you’re frustrated with playing the piano, maybe it’s time to do something different. Stop by today, and we can show you our entire line of pianos. Whether you’re just starting out, or are considering piano as a career, we’ll help you discover the perfect piano to suit your needs.