Playing The Piano – Its All In The Wrist

Playing The Piano – Its All In The Wrist

Think for a moment as to how you play the piano. Is it with your fingers? Or does your whole body need to be present to get the sound you are looking for?

Kind of a trick question. Obviously you whole body needs to be present, focusing in on the notes you are striking and the sound you are creating. Yet as a beginner, its easy to forget that its more than your fingers that make the final sound.

Its not the hunt and peck method that will achieve success. Instead, it’s the movement and rhythm of how your arms and your wrists connect with your fingers and the keys that will ultimately bring success. Playing The Piano – Its All In The Wrist

Your arms provide the weight. Your fingers connect with the keys. But its your wrists that provide the action to get the job done.

If your wrists are immobile and tensed, the weight of your arms will never connect with the tapping of your fingers, and the end result will be a sound that is shallow instead of deep and beautiful. And if you separate the movement being made from your arm to your fingertips, you run more of a risk of injury to both your hands and your wrists.

When your wrists are relaxed and flexible, there is a natural flow between your arms and the keyboard. You’ll have a comfortable feeling and create a comfortable sound from beginning to end. And you’ll have no tension, no injuries, and ultimately no pain in the long run.

How do you ensure you are playing the piano the correct way? Before you sit down the next time, do a few things before you connect with the keys.

Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Flex your arms, wrists, hands and fingertips to relieve any pressure.

Warm up! Yes, just like you can’t run a marathon at top pace without stretching and warming up, you should never sit down to a piano playing session without warming up and being prepared. Stretching, a few scales to release tension and get into the “zone” will improve your chances of success.

And make sure you are ready to make the most beautiful music of your life.

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