Piano Practice When Everyone’s At Home

Piano Practice When Everyone’s At Home

Right now can be the perfect time to practice the piano. With everybody home and staying in place, finding the time is no longer a problem.

Yet with everybody at home, it can also be difficult to carve out a few minutes where you can practice alone. Everybody is around, trying to do their thing. And when noise has become the one constant in your days, how are you supposed to find quiet to think about piano practice in the right manner?

Place the piano in a quiet place in your home

If you’ve already found the perfect place for your piano, moved furniture and even decorated around it, moving it may seem like a hassle. But a lot of this comes from knowing who will be practicing regularly. Some people like to be the center of attention. Others may prefer a quiet space where they can practice without others hearing them. While you’re spring cleaning and organizing your house, this may be the perfect time for a little redecorating, and moving your piano to where it functions best. 

Schedule a time for practice

Even when the days all start to run together, they can seem like they fly by without the chance to make it through your daily to-do list. Carve out time during the day for each family member to be able to do something they really enjoy. While one practices the piano, another may choose to paint or draw. Keep the activities going on in the room complimentary, and you’ll soon create a space that everyone looks forward to each day. 

Use headphones

Did you know some acoustic pianos today come with the option of having headphones? It’s not just digital anymore. Being able to plugin headphones gives you the opportunity to practice no matter what else is going on in the room. It helps the piano player concentrate, and allows other family members to do their thing without interrupting.

Create a plan

Even in these trying times, having a plan in place helps. Try and create some structure in your days. Get up at the same time. Go to bed at the same time. Center your activities around meal plans. This will help everyone keep some sense of balance. That also gives you a chance to put what’s important on the calendar – like piano practice. 

The only thing we know for sure right now is we’ll get through this one day at a time. 

Piano practice can add a sense of normality no matter what’s happening in the world. It has calming effects, and can reduce the stress of everyone playing or listening. 

Stick with your piano practice – you’ll appreciate it even more in the weeks and months to come.