Piano or Technology? Which Offers Your Child More Benefits?

Piano or Technology? Which Offers Your Child More Benefits?

You don’t have to look very far to determine how we’re incorporating technology into children’s lives. From birth on, we focus on technology. Ever seen a child under one with a smartphone in hand? Whether they’re watching videos or listening to sounds, they’re already enthralled with these handheld devices. 

But is that for the best? There’s no denying our culture pushes STEM on kids from the time they can walk. But are they missing out on something greater? 

Can music still benefit humans? Is piano still a skill set that benefits a child’s life? Should you bring piano or technology into their daily activities? Are there enough reasons to bring both to life? 

Today’s kids will pick up digital skills; it’s required in the classroom. They get it whether you introduce it or not. 

But piano brings a lot of other benefits to a child’s life, all of which can help them for a lifetime.

Piano playing helps develop intellect

The mere act of learning music, understanding how notes come together to create sound, can help develop and improve a child’s IQ. They become better at focusing, which means they focus better at school and work activities. 

Piano playing improves listening

There’s a lot that goes into playing the piano: hand-eye coordination, music reading, and listening to name just a few. They also have to listen to the instructor and put new skills into play. If you teach piano early in life, it’s a skill that will help them for a lifetime. 

Piano playing provides stress relief

Unlike sports, piano is a skill that can last a lifetime. There’s something calming about sitting down at the keyboard and losing yourself in a song. You can’t do that kicking or throwing a ball in your seventies or eighties. Plus, there is significant evidence that music theory helps with memory as you age. 

Piano playing boosts self esteem

Whether they showcase their work individually, or join a band and create music together, this is one way children can express themselves creatively, and enjoy the process. It’s a great way to teach kids that if they set goals, they can accomplish anything. And hear the outcome after a little hard work. 

There’s no question technology will be a part of your child’s life. It’s the way of the world. 

Music offers additional benefits you can’t find in a computer keyboard. Whether they’re dreaming of starring in the next pop band, or you simply want to instill a lifelong love of music, piano may be the perfect way to achieve your goals.