Piano Lamps – A Simple Way To Improve Your Piano Playing

Piano Lamps – A Simple Way To Improve Your Piano Playing

When you sit down to play the piano, do you find yourself squinting at the sheet music? Are the notes harder and harder to see?

It might not be your eyesight that needs adjusting. It may in fact be the way your sheet music is lit.

One of the quickest ways to improve your piano playing is by investing in a high quality piano lamp. And with so many choices available to you, you’ll find the perfect one that lights up your music, your keys, and adds to the overall décor of your room.

Piano lamps come in all different styles, shapes and sizes.Piano Lamps – A Simple Way To Improve Your Piano Playing

A vertical piano lamp can extend from the floor up, sitting adjacent to the piano itself. It can be moved to a variety of positions, accommodating multiple players in one household.

When most people think of piano lamps, they think of the most popular style, they type that sits on top of the piano and shines down from above. They can be large or small. They can be ornate or simple. Overall, piano lamps are hooded to provide directional light where its needed most – the music and the keys – and to avoid direct light in the eyes of the player.

A piano lamp comes in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes and colors. Its not a one size fits all type of décor. Instead, select one that matches your tastes, your décor, and the overall ornateness of your piano. Brass, chrome, and other enameled finishes are all popular choices.

The shelf style piano lamp is usually more popular than the floor lamp because of its functionality. Many feature a weighted base to increase stability, or a counter weighted arm which allows for easy adjustment while preventing accidental falls during your practice session. Still others offer clip-on features that allow you to attach the light where you need it most.

You’ll also find piano lamps in both electrical or batter powered format. If you’re near an outlet, electric may be your preferred method. Surrounded by ambiance in the middle of your room? A battery powered option may be more preferred. In either case they are normally designed to accommodate one or two light bulbs of 40 watts or less. Making them the perfect way to light up your source without overheating the area around you.

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