Motivation For Playing The Piano When Everyone’s Stuck At Home

Motivation For Playing The Piano When Everyone’s Stuck At Home

Life is anything but normal right now. And while parents are juggling everything from working at home to monitoring finances, learning to cope in new ways, kids are also facing their own fears head on. 

Over 29 countries have now officially shuttered school doors with many more expected soon. It’s impacting more than 3.5 million K-12 students across the US, closing in on a half billion worldwide. 

While some are meeting regularly with teachers via online meeting platforms, the majority are saying goodbye to learning for weeks – months – into the future. In addition to losing the normality of their days, they have the added stress of not being able to play in a normal way. Sports teams have canceled. Cities and states are quickly moving to a stay in place advisory. 

That builds fear and frustration in kids, which in turn hurts the family dynamics. What’s a parent to do? 

There’s no better time to rethink the activity you and your child pick up. There’s no better time for playing the piano. 

Playing the piano is a solo activity. It’s something you can do all on your own, whenever you choose. It relaxes you, takes your mind off your worries, and soothes the soul. 

Playing the piano is also a family activity. It can provide lovely background music while other family members bake or read. 

If you have a piano tucked away in a corner, or a digital keyboard stuck under the bed, now may be the perfect time to pull it out and start learning something new. Encourage your kids to do so too. 

Be patient. Sometimes you won’t feel like playing or practicing. Now is the time to be gentle with yourself, and do what feels right for today. 

Develop a new skill. Have you considered music in your lives before? Prior to Covid-19, we all led busy, active lives. We flew from one activity to the next. Things are now slowing down. Be conscious about what is meaningful in your lives, and choosing activities that can be there, always.  

Have fun. Luckily, we have the internet filled with everything you need to make playing the piano a success. Download games to learn notes and music theory. Download music to play your favorite pop tunes. Tune in to various music sites to listen to piano playing in action. 

It might just motivate you – or your kids – into a new way of life.