Keep Your Kids Motivated With Piano Lessons With These Tips

Keep Your Kids Motivated With Piano Lessons With These Tips

Want to give your kids a gift? Looking for something that will help them for a lifetime?

Invest in piano lessons. Buy them a new piano.

Playing the piano is something a person can do throughout their lifetime. Any time you sit down and play, you learn something new. 

Of course, you may start your kids off knowing it’s something they can enjoy for a lifetime. But somewhere down the road, it will become a game of wits – they won’t want to practice, and you’ll find any way you can to keep them going. 

“I don’t want to practice.”

“Playing the piano is boring.”

“Why can’t I go outside like my friends?”

Yep, you’ll hear it all. It’s the struggle that every parent has trying to keep their kids engaged in an activity they lose interest in. 

And no matter how much we’d love to tell you there’s an exact science to keeping them playing, there isn’t. But we do have some tips to help increase the odds. 

Find the right piano teacher

Remember back in school how some teachers you loved, others – not so much? It’s called chemistry. We all connect with certain people in the world. And those people, they are the ones that motivate us to do better. In order to keep your kids engaged in playing, you have to find that teacher. The good news is you don’t have to rely on your local community anymore. With virtual learning, your piano teacher can be anywhere in the world. Find someone that “gets” your kids and you’ll find a motivated learner. 

Change practice expectations

Rigid practice times may work for some, but not for everyone. Some players may thrive on playing every day at the same time for a certain time period. Thirty minutes at three o’clock may keep some motivated. But for others, it can feel like quicksand. This is about motivating your child. Maybe they would do better with ten minute increments. A few scales before breakfast. Playing their favorite piece right after lunch. And a few minutes of challenge with something new right before they go out to play. That’s okay. Whatever keeps them playing works. 

The sticker challenge

Kids are motivated by earning prizes. But it doesn’t have to be large to create a sense of fun. Create a star chart and let them earn stickers as they play. Have them cash them in for fun things they enjoy. You can even stick with the music theme and give them opportunities to grow in their studies. New sheet music, downloads from their favorite bands, or even a ticket to a concert can all be great motivators. Plus, it can give you and your child fun outings together. 

Let’s hear from you. What tips do you have for keeping your kids engaged with piano lessons? How do you keep them playing the piano every day?