Is Playing The Piano Good For You?

Is Playing The Piano Good For You?

Staying in place has helped many find new hobbies. A playing the piano is leading the list. 

That’s because unlike binge-watching television, or spending hours on video games, there are scientifically proven benefits to playing the piano. 

Stress relief 

Staying in place is difficult at best. We’re not used to staying home every second of every day. And while we love our family members, sometimes we need a break. Studies show that playing the piano can help in all kinds of ways, including reducing your stress, improving your mental health, and lowering anxiety and depression. 


Have you ever had brain fog? Or felt like you couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand? Playing the piano may help you. Playing the piano requires you to use split concentration methods as you focus on each hand playing differently, while working the pedals and reading the music at the same time. The more you improve this skill, the easier you’ll find it is to concentrate. 

It’s an easy hobby to take up

Did you know that piano is one of the easiest instruments to play? Intuitively, we all can pluck a few notes and pick out a song from the moment we come in contact with it. From the beginning, teachers have you playing simple songs, and you can move up to your favorites fairly quickly. 

It improves your health

There are many studies showing all the ways playing the piano improves your health. It improves hand-eye coordination. It helps sharpen fine motor skills. It lowers stress, which in turn can help you control blood pressure. It’s good for your arm and hand muscles, giving you added strength. Therapies are being developed to help patients with everything from autism to dementia. 

It creates a more beautiful world

Listening to music makes you more aware of your world. You start to notice things you ignored before. 

If you’re looking for new things to add to your day, to bring peace and tranquility to these challenging times, playing the piano may be the perfect answer for you.