Is Now A Good Time To Buy a Piano?

Is Now A Good Time To Buy a Piano?

As you read or listen to the tv, there are always opinions on the right way to do different things around your home. People recommend the best times for home improvement projects, the best time to save money … and when you shouldn’t invest in something new. 

What about pianos? Is there a good time to buy a new piano? 

Like any retail business, there may be times when additional perks or discounts make buying a new or used piano an even better decision. 


When most people think of summer, they plan picnics, bike rides, and days at the beach. Playing the piano isn’t something that comes into mind, which is why it’s a great time to invest in a new piano. Business is a little slower, and piano dealers take that opportunity to offer deals to move both new and used inventory. They have more time to spend with you when you visit, and you can spend more time finding the right piano to suit your needs. You may also receive incentives on moving and delivering, and ensuring your piano is set up and ready to play for your enjoyment all year long. This can get you ready for the fall …


As summer rolls into autumn, nights grow longer, days grow colder, and we spend more time inside. Kids go back to school, and we look for inside activities to fill our days. That’s when people look for inside activities, and piano sales increase exponentially. This is when piano dealers have the most inventory. It’s also when they may incentivize pianos because they get better deals from their manufacturers. If you want a good selection, this may be the perfect time to stop in and see what’s new. 


Winter blows in during the month of December. And that’s a perfect time to surprise the family with a gift the whole family can enjoy. Playing the piano isn’t just for the kids; studies show parents, even grandparents love it too. It’s a hobby you can enjoy at any age, and has a host of benefits for all of those that play. Whether you’re just starting on your music journey, or have been wanting to upgrade and bring a new grand piano into your home, this is a great time to take a look at what’s in stock at your local piano store. 


Spring cleaning gets rid of the old and makes way for the new. Spring is a time of change, a time when we move to a new house, and bring back the things we truly love. Are you more present after the pandemic? Are you looking for more activities to enjoy at home? Maybe your spring cleaning has made room for what’s most important. If that includes a new piano, you’re in luck. Because other people are thinking this way too, you’ll often find your best selection of used pianos during the spring months. This inventory can change daily, so it’s a good idea to stop by and talk about your wants and needs, so we can help you find the perfect piano to suit your desires.