Is It Okay To Buy a Used Piano?

Is It Okay To Buy a Used Piano?

Do a quick search online, and you’ll find lots of horror stories about parents who buy a used piano, only to find out it simply doesn’t work. It will cost more to renovate it than what the piano is worth. 

And that can be frustrating when you’re taking up a new hobby. That can be enough to turn you away from it forever. 

Can you buy a quality used piano? Is it possible? And if so, how do you go about it?

Luckily, the answer is yes; you can find high-quality used pianos on the market. Bring the right piano home, and it will give you years of enjoyment. 

Where do you begin? 

The most important step is to understand how to find a high-quality used piano. 

You won’t find one looking in the classifieds, perusing Craigslist, or taking one from your next-door neighbor, who happened to have one in a basement corner. Find your used piano this way, and you’ll most likely find yourself with lots of repair bills. 

Quality used pianos come from well cared for pianos that were properly maintained throughout their lifetime. As a piano dealer, we often get pianos from a variety of resources:

  • People who trade up to better pianos as they improve their skills. 
  • People who downsize and can no longer house their prized piano. 

It’s not always people who trade up – churches, schools, even piano teachers occasionally want to upgrade their equipment. High-quality pianos will stand the test of time – decades in some cases. 

If you’re ready to buy a used piano, a few tips to keep in mind include:

  • Find the best quality you can find. This doesn’t mean accepting the first low-priced instrument you find. Instead, take your time to listen to several, sit down and play them, and discover the different tones. You’ll find one you resonate with one more than others. 
  • Consider your goals. If you’re planning on investing in a piano that lasts a lifetime, pay attention to the brand, and work with a dealer who can help you find top quality. If you want something that holds value, sounds great, and can be traded up as you progress, a dealer can help you find that piano too. 
  • Sound is everything. That’s why so many different pianos are on the market. Listen to them, pick one you resonate with. This will increase the likelihood you’ll want to play, and sit down and practice each day. 

Do you have any questions about buying a used piano? How can we help you find the right piano to suit your needs?