Inspecting a Used Piano Before You Buy

Inspecting a Used Piano Before You Buy

Many people decide that buying a used piano is the right choice to suit their needs. Yet buying used can also leave you with an instrument that doesn’t give you what you set out to achieve. 

That’s why the inspection process is vital to your success. It ensures you bring home an instrument you’ll love for years, and be happy to play every day. 

Before you say “yes”, spend some time understanding what should be a part of inspecting a used piano before narrowing down your list. Finding a “good deal” may seem easy to do. But that “good deal” can quickly turn into a project that may mean restoring it, or selling it and buying something new. 

Before you begin looking, define your goals. Do you have a particular brand in mind? Where are you in your piano learning curve? If you’re buying your first piano, and starting lessons soon, your tastes will differ from someone who’s been playing for years. 

This isn’t a purchase you can decide on through a checklist, marking the boxes with wants and desires:

  • Size of the piano
  • Color
  • Particular brand
  • Price 

Instead, this is a purchase you’ll be using in creative format. This is something you’ll touch, learn to play, use to make music, and come to a point where you create joy as you sit down to play. 

If you’re unsure of what the difference is, inspecting a used piano can help you discover your talent. Sit down and play one. Now sit down and play another. 

While that’s impossible to do from a homeowner selling a used piano, if you come into our store, we can show you several that suit your needs. Sit down and play them all. See how they feel. Listen to how they sound. 

Once you hear the difference, you’ll gravitate towards one. 

And that’s how you know you’ve found the ideal piano for you.