How To Move Beyond The Piano Is A Chore Mentality

How To Move Beyond The Piano Is A Chore Mentality

Whenever something becomes a daily routine, it becomes a chore. It becomes something we have to do rather than something we choose to do.

And that’s when it loses its appeal.How To Move Beyond The Piano Is A Chore Mentality

That’s when the majority of kids give up playing the piano. Because when it’s no longer fun, it becomes something your child has to do, they try to get out of doing it at all costs.

As a parent, to keep you child active in music, its important to switch around their thinking. Playing the piano should never become a chore. It should be a privilege to play. It should be a fun experience, every time they sit down at the keyboard.

And you can encourage the process.

Take Ownership
Instead of forcing a time to play, have your child set the pace. What goals do they wish to achieve? What do they enjoy most? Just a simple turnaround in thinking can move them beyond thinking of it as practice. Let them have more choice in their selections. How about composing their own? The more they see its about them, the more fun they will have with the process.

Provide Role Models
Its easier to have a desire to do something if you see how others are doing it too. Find pianists to inspire your child. People like Jim Brickman, Liz Story, John Tesh, or The Piano Guys all can provide inspiration to your budding piano player. Take them to see your local orchestra to see musicians in action. By bringing awareness of live music into their lives, they are more likely to see how it can impact them in the future.

Reach For A Goal
Piano practice sometimes means playing the same types of songs, over and over again. Break out of the habit and stretch for new music. Try jazz. Or pop. Or classical. Introducing kids to new music can have them striving for more. Maybe they hear a piece they love – how about Let It Go from Frozen? By playing something they love, they can take more ownership in their skills, and have a stronger desire to keep moving forward with their lessons.

Change Your Lingo
How do you talk about practicing? Do you say it with a chore mentality? Things like “You have to get your 30 minutes in today” sets the tone for it being a chore.  But when you build excitement with “You get to play your favorite song today” adds to their enthusiasm. Focus on changing your vocabulary and you will quickly see a change in the attitude of your child’s practice routine as well.