How To Find The Right Seller Before You Buy Your Piano

How To Find The Right Seller Before You Buy Your Piano

Today is an interesting time in history. When you’re ready to buy something new, you go into heavy learning mode. Thanks to the internet, that’s easier than ever. 

You open up a browser window or shout out to Alexa with one simple goal in mind: what do I need to know about buying a piano? 

Of course, you go into overdrive. There’s a lot to learn. 

One of the quickest things you’ll pick up is not every piano is the same. Just like not every piano seller is the same. 

If you really want to select a high quality piano for your home, one that will bring years of joy, you have to think of quality first. And that takes a little work to find in both the instrument and in the seller. How To Find The Right Seller Before You Buy Your Piano

We all want to find a credible, trustworthy person to buy from. We all hope they tell the truth and provide accurate information about the piano we’re looking to buy. But it doesn’t take more than a simple home finance class back in school to teach us that is rarely the case. 

How do you find a reputable seller you can trust?

Referral – still the best way to find a credible seller is going old school – get referrals from those around you. Luckily the ways you get a referral have expanded a bit. Start with neighbors, family, and friends. If they don’t play, talk to the music teacher at your child’s school. Or use the internet. As you find possible sellers, do a little search online. It won’t take you long to start building a picture in your mind. 

Ask questions – you don’t have to buy a piano in the first few minutes of meeting someone. Ask questions and see how they respond. If they keep pushing the sale, that’s your reason to step away. A reputable seller will never push you too quickly. They want to ensure all of your needs are met. They are in this for the long term. 

Avoid the “yeses” – you can tell when someone wants to “dump” their product on you when they give you “yeses” to all of your questions. Yes, this is the best. Yes, you’re going to love it. Yes, there isn’t anything else out there like it. And that’s when it’s time to walk away. 

When you find the right seller, you’ll know it. They are there simply to take care of your needs. You’ll feel good about your purchase. You’ll know you got the best deal for your money. You’ll feel confident that you made a selection that will last for a very long time. 

And when you sit at your piano and listen to the music, you’ll be happy with your purchase.