How To Choose and Buy A Studio Piano

How To Choose and Buy A Studio Piano

When a person comes in to buy a piano for their home, it’s a very personal choice. We can ask them a variety of questions and pinpoint the perfect piano for the situation fairly quickly. The piano will often be on display, so looks may be a part of the deciding factor. And with just a family member or two playing it, personal enjoyment is the top reason for the purchase.

But when a person comes into buy a studio piano, that’s where the questions begin to change.

  • How To Choose and Buy A Studio PianoWho will be using the piano?
  • What skill levels will they have?
  • How often will it be used?
  • For what purpose?

For instance, we’ve helped teachers buy the perfect piano for their studios, one that will take hours of lessons every day, and still look and sound perfect for the piano recitals that will take place several times a year.

We’ve also helped professional studios that work with artists in a recording studio. When a professional musician comes in and needs the perfect sound for their latest album, we know the studio has to deliver time and time again. They can’t risk buying anything but a professional quality piano that will hold up under many, many hours of playing.

Where do you start when its time to invest in a new studio piano?

Start with your clients. Who are they and what will they demand?

The perfect piano will be one that can benefit your clientele and help them create the best music possible for the situation.

Does your studio cater to beginning students or ones with more experience?

Do you record a classical soloist or pop music?

Are you working with traditionalists who want a clean sound? Or people that push the limits, wanting every sound and opportunity available to them?

The more clear you can become on your answers, the easier it will be to make your final decision. The piano market is almost as overwhelming as the guitar market. Used pianos are often just as good or even better than new, especially if you are looking for something very specific. And if you are in the market for a digital piano, with today’s technology, anything is possible.

Answer the above questions; then come in and talk. We can help you select the perfect piano for your studio situation, no matter how specific your needs are.

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