How To Be A Better Piano Player

How To Be A Better Piano Player

What do great musicians have in common? They all practice on a regular basis.

Becoming a better piano player isn’t about going into competition with other in the field; it’s about going into competition with yourself. What can you do to improve? What can you do to take your playing piano skills to the next level?How To Be A Better Piano Player

Piano playing can be a lot of fun when you feel there are no limits to what you can achieve. The better pianist you become, the more enjoyable it will be. And these few things may help you improve your technique.

Learn Music Theory
People approach playing the piano because they have the desire to create beautiful music. But like every other art, there are many different dimensions to become proficient and excel. Music theory allows you to be able to see the music in different ways. You can recognize key signatures better, recognize and form chords that connect and work together, learn about chord progressions. By learning the theory behind music, it will help you go from tinkering around with music to actually understanding why things work the way they do and how to apply things to work together.

Go Classical
Most new students today want to play the piano to be able to play their favorite songs. And usually that has more to do with wanting to play Maroon 5 or Ed Sheeran than it does Bach or Beethoven. But Bach and Beethoven are considered all-time greats for a reason. Classical music is very demanding and can steer you into huge improvements in your technical abilities. Classical music can help you build a solid foundation with your piano playing skills. While you don’t have to make it an everyday occurrence, introducing classical music into your regular training can make you even better when you do pick up your favorites.

Take Lessons
Every professional has a coach in their lives. And many professionals have multiple coaches for different things. While you may have no desire to turn professional with your piano playing abilities, there is something to be said for having a coach. Lessons can help you overcome what’s holding you back, even if you have no idea what that thing might be. Because we all reach certain levels in our lives and can’t move forward until we learn what’s holding us back. That’s what a teacher can do for your piano skills. They can guide you from where you are today and help you get to a place of improvement. And they can do that in many different ways. With goals and deadlines in place, you’ll have a new lease on a skill you choose to improve at. And if you’re really serious about playing and want to improve, this could be the best investment you make in yourself.

How could you become a better piano player?