How Do You Feel About Playing The Piano?

How Do You Feel About Playing The Piano?

We all have different reasons for wanting to play the piano.

A child may be playing simply because a parent signed them up for lessons.

An adult may be fulfilling a lifelong dream.How Do You Feel About Playing The Piano?

Even a piano teacher may have the desire to play for enjoyment while sharing that passion with those around them.

But no matter the reason you started playing in the first place, playing the piano today has to come with a love for the art of playing. If you don’t know why you’re playing, its hard to enjoy it and strive always to do better.

Asking a few questions can set the stage for helping you strive for more.

How did playing that piece (section, measure, etc) feel? 

Sometimes playing music feels fine. Sometimes the hand movements feel awkward. Sometimes it’s flat out frustrating. Getting down to the feelings can help you move forward and fix things that may not be going correctly. Maybe you’re holding your hands in the wrong position. Maybe you’re holding back from learning a new pattern. It’s easy to gloss over a situation if you don’t dig down to how you handle it.

What did I do well? What can I do better?

We’re all creatures of habit. We all enjoy being the best we can be. Which means we enjoy playing well and hate it when we haven’t picked up a new skill easily. Recognize what you do well. Acknowledge what still needs work. Then spend the time bringing undeveloped skills up to par. It can empower you while helping you focus in on things that still need work.

How can I approach this struggle?

Sometimes it takes work to overcome a problem. It might not be solved in one practice session. Or two. Or three. Address the struggles and search for helpful suggestions. It may come from a teacher, a book, or even a quick search online. Don’t expect to solve the problem in one day. Instead, look at it as a journey that will help you become better all-around.