Having Trouble Playing The Piano? It May Be This

Having Trouble Playing The Piano? It May Be This

What does it take to play the piano? It’s easy to assume that putting your fingers to the keys is all it takes. But there’s a lot more to it than that. 

If you’ve been having trouble creating the perfect sound, it may be your posture. In order for your fingers to connect perfectly with the keys, it’s important to ensure your hand and wrist position is correct. This makes you play better, and it prevents potential injury too. 

Check your: 

Having Trouble Playing The Piano? It May Be ThisBench

Too often, the bench is an afterthought. We’ve even seen people pulling up a chair and expecting to play at their best. Yet your bench is an integral part of how you play, and not everyone can play at their best with the same bench.

A good option is an adjustable bench, especially if more than one in your family will play. Your bench helps stabilize you. It gives you power to connect with the keys. And if you’re sitting at the piano correctly, it puts your arms in perfect position to give you the power you need to play at your best. 

How You’re Sitting On The Bench

The bench isn’t meant for you to sit back on and relax. This position can strain your muscles and throw off your head and neck. It can allow you to slouch, which can harm your arms, wrists, and hands. 

Instead, move forward until you notice you have correct piano posture. You’ll sit directly on your sit bones while having full movement of your arms, hands, and fingers. You’ll feel less stress over time. 


Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice is what you need. That doesn’t mean you should set the clock and hammer out notes just to say you’ve played for thirty minutes. Increasing to sixty minutes won’t double your efforts. If anything, it’ll just make you tired. 

Instead, focus on forming good habits. Adjust your body so you don’t become stiff or sore. Play for enjoyment, not merely for the sake of playing. You’ll never enjoy it if you ignore why you’re playing. 

Correct posture is one of the best ways to enjoy playing piano for life. If you need a little help, start with ensuring you have the right tools – the right piano and bench for your playing needs.