Have You Ever Thought Of Online Piano Recitals?

Have You Ever Thought Of Online Piano Recitals?

Nothing beats listening to a concert in person. That’s something we all thought pre-pandemic. Now we’re rethinking everything. 

While in-person recitals still are a great way to take in the hard work your students put into learning music, there are benefits to online piano recitals too. Holding online piano recitals can:

  • Teach kids and parents the latest technology
  • Get kids used to being recorded
  • Give students the opportunity to be comfortable in front of the camera

While online piano recitals might not take the place of playing in person, it may be a time to incorporate them more into your studio’s schedule. 

How do you do that?

Start with a platform

Technology changes every day. If you’re bringing online piano recitals into the mix, do a little research to find out what’s new. You’ll have to consider your current technology as well as what is available to each of your students. 

In general, you can hold a recital live, or have it pre-recorded. If students perform live, you may experience a variety of glitches and cut-outs as people have problems with technology. By having student pre-record their recital pieces, you give them the opportunity to create the best video possible, then use that to create a dynamic presentation to share with the crowd. 

Communicate with your audience

Think through every step of the process. It starts with an email to the parents helping their kids record their performance. Consider giving tip sheets and possibly even an instruction video to make the process as easy as possible. Remember, not all of your students will be technology savvy. Make the process as easy as possible. 

Share with them how to record the recital pieces, what size file to create, how to upload it, where to share it. If you need specifics, be sure you spell that out in your instructions. Give a deadline to ensure people meet your timeframes. 

Put the recital together

Depending on how you’re going to display the recital, you can edit the videos and create a full length recital program. Add a welcome video. Add title screens and applause tracks. 

Be sure to place the final recital video in a private or unlisted playlist if you use a program like YouTube. Also request parents and students leave the link to the video private, without posting it to social media accounts like Facebook. This is protection for everyone in the class, especially for those who prefer their images aren’t placed online. 

Have you experienced an online piano recital? What tips or strategies worked for you?