Have a Question About Piano Removal? We Have Answers

Have a Question About Piano Removal? We Have Answers

We’ve been in our local community for over sixty years, supplying families, schools, churches, and other institutions with a wealth of knowledge about pianos. From sales to master piano tuning, restoration services, and even moving your piano safely and securely from one place to another, if you have a question about your piano, we have the answers. 

Sometimes, your piano no longer suits your needs. What do you do with your piano?

You have four different options:

  • Sell it
  • Trade it in
  • Donate it
  • Dispose of it

How do I sell my piano?

If your piano is of showroom quality, selling it might be an option for you. Depending on the manufacturer, you might be able to sell it back to an authorized dealer. Most dealers sell both new and used pianos. Many high quality pianos hold their resale value well, and are built to last for decades. 

Of course, you can also sell it outright within the piano community. Many piano owners have good luck selling on their local classified websites, or even by placing ads online. You can also check within your local community – music stores, teaching facilities, or other music-related businesses may offer a way to sell your piano to people in your neighborhood. 

How do I trade my piano in?

Trading it in is also an option when you choose to purchase a new piano for our showroom. If you’ve purchased a starter piano years before, and are ready to upgrade to a higher quality piano, we might be interested in taking your current piano in as a trade. Call us first, we may need a piano technician to visit your home and assess the value. Then you’ll know what you can use as you shop for your upgrade. 

How do I donate my piano?

There are many facilities and institutions that will take in gently used pianos. We can often advise you of places that will accept used pianos. School systems, for instance, commonly look for pianos to use in their music or theater programs. You might also check with smaller churches or even private music instructors. They receive requests frequently for ways to bring music to their community – your piano may be just what they are looking for. 

How do I dispose of my piano?

Not all pianos are in good condition, and have enough value to move to another location. If your piano has been neglected, hasn’t been tuned in years, and no longer is in good working condition, it may be time to dispose of it. One of our movers can pick it up and dispose of it for you – just give us a call.

Have a question about your piano? Just ask. We are the piano experts here in Memphis. We’re here when you need us.