Grand Piano Keyboard – Are There Differences?

Grand Piano Keyboard – Are There Differences?

If you’ve been thinking of investing in a piano for yourself or your child, it may be difficult to decide which is the perfect one to buy. 

As you advance in your piano playing abilities, the choices can remain difficult, especially when you’re ready for an upgrade. Should you invest in a grand piano? Or should you upgrade your keyboard to something better? 

There are clear differences between the two. And if you’ve played the piano for any length of time, you understand the complexities fairly well. With a digital keyboard, you have the option of making different sounds. With an acoustic piano, you can’t. Grand Piano Keyboard - Are There Differences?

But there are more subtle differences you should consider too. 

What music you want to create

Different pianists like to play different songs. If you haven’t honed in on your preferences, sticking with an acoustic can provide you with the basic skills. However, if you know you prefer jazz, pop, maybe a little rock, moving towards the digital piano may be right for you. The quickest way to become frustrated is not to have the right options for what you want to create. Listen to your gut and select the right instrument to create what you desire. 

What options you’ll need

No matter what type of music you want to play, keep in mind that it’s important to have certain characteristics on the final piano you select. Standard foot pedals are important to play certain songs. Weighted keys are imperative to building your skills as a well-versed pianist. If you have the desire to transfer your music and edit and create online, it’s important to have the right programs in place. Before you buy, be sure to sit down and tally a list to ensure you get the right selection for your needs. 

What maintenance level is important to you

With traditional pianos, tuning is an important part of upkeep. With digital keyboards, you’ll never have tuning needs to ensure a continuous quality sound. Yet digital presents its own problems; if you travel, how will you keep your keyboard safe from harm’s way? 

What are your living arrangements 

This is especially important if you are purchasing for a child. If your child wants to continue playing as they move to college, or rent an apartment on their own, a digital keyboard may offer them more convenience. If you want a grand piano to be on display in your forever home, an acoustic may be the wisest choice. 

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to finding the perfect piano for you. Grand piano? Keyboard? The choice is yours.