Giving The Gift Of A Piano

Giving The Gift Of A Piano

Are you looking to buy a piano for someone this year? Well, you still have time to buy one and get it tuned and ready to play before the big day!

Here are some tips to help you buy a piano for someone special:

First, remember that your recipient will be playing, looking and enjoying their piano for a long time. Since the average lifespan of a piano is about 40 years, they are sure to enjoy this beautiful gift throughout much of their life. Make sure it fits their needs, and is something that can be incorporated into their current lifestyle and surroundings – a grand piano may not be the best choice for an urban dweller with 900 square feet of space.

Giving The Gift Of A PianoPianos hold their value for years to come. A used piano built 10 years ago and maintained well will cost almost as much as a comparable new piano. Keep this in mind when choosing a piano for someone.

Price and size do not reflect tone and quality. Each piano is unique and will give you different results. What are your expectations for the future? Will the recipient be playing classical music for the symphony, or writing pop music and using technology to its highest degree? Be sure to talk with the sales team and express the recipients interests before you make your final selection.

Buying a piano is only part of the process. Where will the piano be placed? Rely on professional movers to place the piano in its final destination. And once its in place, it will need to be maintained on a regular basis, which means tuning as it settles in to its new environment.

Not sure how to give the gift of a piano? There are actually several ways to go about it.

  • Work with the recipient to determine the best piano for his or her situation. You can present the gift, then come into our location to help them make the final selection.
  • Surprise them with a purchase. We can set it up anywhere you choose.
  • Or somewhere in between. Keep the surprise in place, and visit our location after to choose the best piano for the recipient.

Which ever way you choose, your gift will be treasured for a lifetime.

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