Finding The Right Piano For Your Church

Finding The Right Piano For Your Church

Selecting a piano for your church is very different from selecting one for your home. Whether you are affiliated with the church and in charge of making the final selection, or are a congregation member who wishes to make a donation, there are a few steps you can take upfront that will ensure the best long-lasting investment for your congregation.Finding The Right Piano For Your Church

Step 1: Choose the right piano dealer
Purchasing a piano from a Craigslist ad is difficult in almost all situations, especially when buying a piano for a congregation. A church piano requires a regular regiment of care and maintenance to ensure its playability factor throughout the week. By selecting a piano through a reputable piano dealer, you’ll have the assurance the piano is in top format from the beginning, have warranty backing for the foreseeable future, and work with true professionals who can guide you to reputable technicians for regular maintenance work.

Step 2: Consider your needs
Where will your new piano reside? In a classroom? In the sanctuary? For most worship centers or sanctuaries, a grand piano is the best choice. Grand pianos have larger, more controllable sound and are easier to blend in with other instruments or singers. Grand pianos come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to know the final resting space before you finalize your selection. If at all possible, select a piano large enough to be played without further amplification.

In most cases, a black or ebony grand is your best choice. Ebony is the most durable, the easiest to maintain, and the easiest to repair in case of damage. If your sanctuary uses bright stage lighting, you may want to choose a satin finish to reduce the glare that can cause distractions or discomfort to members of the congregation. If your stage lighting is subdued, a polish finish can look beautiful as a part of the background.

Step 3: Buy the best piano possible
Any piano you purchase will be played on a continual basis. To ensure top quality sound for many years in the future, be sure to get the top dollar piano for your money. The purpose of music is to be warm and pleasing. While sound changes from piano to piano, it can also determine how much action it can take before repair and renovations are needed. By asking questions to a knowledgeable dealer as you weigh your options, you will ensure you get the most value for your money.

Step 4: After the sale
Under ideal circumstances, your piano will work flawlessly from the beginning. A typical maintenance program includes tuning four times per year, voicing and regulation once per year, and regular maintenance on a continual basis. An experienced piano dealer will be able to guide you into the right choices to ensure your piano maintains sound quality for many years to come.

What does your church require in a new piano?