Finding a New Piano To Best To Suit Your Needs?

Finding a New Piano To Best To Suit Your Needs?

Certain products are easy to buy. You visit a store, pick one off the shelf, and bring it home to use. 

Finding a new piano is a little more difficult. If you do any research at all, you’ll quickly discover that pianos come in all shapes and sizes, and are rated and ranked in a way you might not understand. 

But that doesn’t make the decision process difficult. With a little research, you can determine what type of piano is right for your needs. 

In general, there are two groups of pianos: performance-grade and consumer-grade. 

Performance-grade pianos are designed with:

  • The highest standards
  • Custom refinements that expert players will notice
  • Individual care, in small quantities that ensure a legendary status
  • Performance features in mind. They are built with music halls in mind. 

Performance-grade pianos are the brand names everyone in the industry knows. They are handcrafted to achieve perfection in both looks and sound. 

Consumer-grade pianos are built to be sold at an affordable price. While they might not be completely mass produced, they do have materials, workmanship, and prices that reflect affordability to those who choose to play at a hobby or amateur scale. 

While every piano is built separately and will bring its own nuances to the music, you’ll notice fewer differences when you compare a consumer-grade piano. They are designed to be the workhorses of the industry. They are created to bring the joy of music to everyone who chooses to do so. 

If you’re new to playing the piano, a quality consumer-grade piano will give you years of enjoyment. The more you practice and play, the more your skills will develop as a pianist. That’s when it may be time to move up in design, and invest in a piano that better suits your needs. 

Are you ready to invest in a new piano? How can we help you find the best one to suit your needs?