Do You Need A Better Keyboard?

Do You Need A Better Keyboard?

Did you purchase a simple keyboard for your child to determine if they enjoy playing the piano before you invested more? Are you debating if now is the time to upgrade and purchase a better keyboard?

Many people start out as simple as possible. Before investing a lot of money into a piano, they prefer to get a few lessons under their belt before taking the next step. But practicing on a piano that is less than perfect can actually take away your ability and drive to move forward with your lesson plans. It can take away your goals and desires.Do You Need A Better Keyboard?

There are two primary reasons to upgrade and buy a better keyboard than what you’re working with now.

1. Your keyboard is old and worn out
Unless you have a professional keyboard, chances are your current keyboard may not be performing up to par. Beginning and mid-range keyboards are designed to last a few years at most. The more play and activity you give it, the faster it will wear out. Look for cracked cables and cords, or a faded or striated appearance. You can also listen to the music – is it starting to sound hollow or buzzy? Old keyboards aren’t designed to have repair work and last for years of time. At some point, it’s time to purchase a new one.

2. Your keyboard no longer fits your musical goals
If you’ve been playing for any length of time, chances are your ability has improved significantly. New piano players grow quickly in the first few months of training. And the more you learn, the more you’ll appreciate a better instrument. You should also take into consideration what your future goals are. If your child loves music and anticipates playing piano for years, now may be the perfect time to step into an acoustic piano. If your child has envisioned creating their own band, a keyboard with better action and a more piano-like feel will give them flexibility in both what they learn and how they transport it from place to place.

Evaluating your needs and determining the best choice for your situation can leave you feeling stuck and unsure. Stop by and allow us to help you to evaluate your needs and show you different opportunities that can meet your needs.