Do Restored Pianos Hold Their Value?

Do Restored Pianos Hold Their Value?

When you walk through your home, what are your most valuable pieces? A table that sat in your grandmother’s house? A piano handed down for several generations? 

With certain pianos, restoring them to the grandeur, they once had in time makes sense. Compared to a new one, it can make more sense to restore a piano rather than invest in a new one. You’ll see the value as soon as it’s restored. 

But how do you know? 

During the height of the piano industry, certain piano makers held world-renown status for their craftsmanship and artistry. Countless hours went into production, and for specific brands and manufacturers, the value continues to hold through to today. 

Luxury was attained by using the very best resources possible. Rosewood, mahogany, walnut – some materials that were plentiful have disappeared from production. What made them unique and individual no longer applies to materials today. 

Of course, it’s not just the way a piano looks. The materials used to create the piano’s voice have changed over time too. 

Restoration not only creates a piano that lives up to its past glory, but also ensures it sounds the same. Restorers try to maintain original equipment whenever possible. The inside consists of the:

  • Belly – soundboard, pinblock, strings, plate, etc
  • Action – hammers, shanks, flanges, keys, etc

A complete restoration can take thousands of hours to bring it back as close to its original condition. Time and care are put to work to ensure it meets the quality it once had as a new piano. 

And once it’s fully restored, you’ll have a piano that once again will stand the test of time. It’s an investment for better playing today, and one that will hold its value well into the future. 

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