Digital Piano Accessories You Should Consider

Digital Piano Accessories You Should Consider

Are you investing in a digital piano for your home? You may also wish to consider a few accessories to make your piano playing a little easier. 

A Stand

One of the reasons many people prefer digital pianos is because of their flexibility to move wherever you desire. You can set them up and take them down in a flash; it makes them a perfect instrument for smaller homes. But you can’t play your piano well if you try and set it up on a table. Having the perfect stand will help you play it in a way that’s convenient for you. Will you sit or stand while you play? Is your child growing, needing different heights over the next few years? Be sure to select a stand that offers flexibility for your changing needs. 

Digital Piano Accessories You Should ConsiderA Bench

For most pianists, they prefer to sit while practicing. Having a piano bench with adjustable heights gives you greater flexibility for where you play. Be sure the bench is strong enough to help you feel stable while you move throughout your practice routine. It should also support you so your shoulders or back don’t feel stressed while playing. 


If you have a busy household, it can often be a challenge to find the time for practice. Digital pianos are a step ahead of their acoustic counterparts in that you can plug-in headphones and practice in “silence” at any time. It’s great for the pianist to focus in on their music, while the rest of your household can concentrate their attention on their own endeavors. 

Piano Pedal

While beginners might not practice using the pedals right away, they will quickly develop their ability and need the pedals for proper technique. Be sure the pedals won’t slide around on the floor once they are attached. You should also look for models that provide easy connection to whatever piano you choose. 

Music Stands

Be sure to select a music stand that offers flexibility. With today’s technology, many play directly from a computer screen or a tablet. Be sure your screen is at proper height to avoid strain. You’ll find a wide variety of options, from music rests that attach to your piano stand, to tabletop options that allow for different heights. This may be something you adjust over time depending on your needs. 

Are you considering purchasing a digital piano? Stop by and we’ll help you select the right options for your needs. And have you playing your new digital piano in no time.