Creative Ways To Surprise Your Family With A Piano Under The Tree

Creative Ways To Surprise Your Family With A Piano Under The Tree

Want to surprise your family with a piano for the holidays? Here are some creative ways to surprise your family with a piano under the tree. 

Every year, you load gifts under the tree in hopes of creating the perfect surprise. Some gifts are forgotten almost as quickly as they are received. Many are returned. More are used for a bit before given away. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift you’ll keep on using for years to come, why not wrap up a piano this holiday season? 

Yet we realize how difficult it can be to bring home a piano and tuck it under the tree. Still, what could be more fun than giving the gift that keeps on giving? We have some creative ways to give a piano under the tree and surprise your loved one on Christmas morning. 

Wrap The Box

Pianos come in a very large box. However, you don’t usually see it because you purchase a piano directly off our showroom floor. When we deliver it, it’s set up and ready to go. But we do keep a few cardboard boxes in the back – just ask, and we’re happy to tuck one into your truck for you to take home and wrap. It’ll be the perfect way to keep your recipient guessing all season long. 

Wrap The Piano Lid Key

Almost every acoustic piano comes with a key that locks the lid over the piano keys. Wrap up this key in a tiny box and decorate it with pretty paper. You can include a photo or a letter describing what it’s for. If your piano is already in place in another part of your home, create a scavenger hunt for the recipient to find it. 

Wrap A Piano Ornament

If you do a little searching, you can find a Christmas ornament shaped like a piano. Wrap it up with a special note about how they’ll be able to create their own music with their own piano – delivered right after the holidays!

Sheet Music

Instead of wrapping the piano, buy a selection of sheet music and place that in the box. Make sure it’s an appropriate skill level for whoever will be playing the piano. 

Piano Lessons

Will the recipient need piano lessons too? Provide a gift card and wrap that up. This gives them a chance to get started playing right after the holidays. 

Wrap The Bench

Instead of wrapping the entire piano, wrap the bench instead. You can keep it in the box, or wrap it out of the box to keep them guessing. You can include a photo of the piano too if it’ll be delivered after the holidays.