Creating The Perfect Piano Room

Creating The Perfect Piano Room

A piano isn’t like a chair you can tuck into the corner of a room. A piano commands attention. It often becomes the focal point of the room. 

But where do you put it in your home? How do you design a room around a piano? 

Room temperature matters – Place your piano in a spot in your home where consistent humidity and temperature are in place. The less extreme conditions the better. Extreme temperatures and humidity can damage your piano over time. Creating The Perfect Piano Room

Design around the piano – Especially in small rooms, your piano may be the largest piece of furniture in the room. And if it’s going to be a large part of your life, is accessibility is key. The look also becomes important if it will be on center stage. Select the right piano that blends in with your design theme. Personalize the wall around it to reflect a sense of who you are. Don’t select a sleek, black gloss piano if your home is light and airy. Keep with the colors and upholstery congruent throughout. 

Keep it in the living space – It’s easy to tuck a piano into a dark corner where little thought has gone into the room. But what are the chances are it will be played? A piano is always better when it’s on display in a room you use on a frequent basis. Be mindful that you’ll have the chance to play it and won’t be overwhelmed by activities of other family members. But if you can have it become a part of your lifestyle, all the better. 

Use it to add more life to a room – Pianos – especially uprights – can be used in many ways. You can place it at the end of a long room to make it look wider, or build it into a wall unit to conserve space. You can use it as an accent in a large hallway, or put it on display in a room dedicated to music. 

Create a scene – Music is a large part of our lives, which is why many choose to have a room dedicated to the experience. What helps inspire you to bring music to life? A stage in a symphony hall? Playing to a large audience? Serenity and peacefulness in abundance? Use your ideas to create a scene that will help you want to play more. 

Balance – Never throw a piano against a window because it’s the only place in the room. Or put it in the corner so it’s out of the way. The first rule of interior design is balance. Start with the architectural details and incorporate the piano into your decor. They can be used to balance rooms where window or fireplace placement isn’t centered. Or even to divide a large room into different functionalities. 

Modernize it – If you’ve inherited a piano or have a hand me down from past generations, it may not fit with your modern style. There are many ways to bring it up to modern times.  Try adding accents that make it feel like it fits in your space. It may be time for a little renovation – a new finish may do the trick. 

A piano can bring joy into your life if you create the right ambiance around it. 

Do you have a piano in your home? How do you make it a part of your space?