Creating A Music Room Around Your Piano

Creating A Music Room Around Your Piano

Decorating your home is one of the most fun projects you’ll take on. This is where you add your personality. This is how you create a space you’ll love to come home to each night. 

For piano lovers, you don’t want to push your piano into the corner – out of sight, out of mind. Instead, if you’re like a lot of piano lovers, you’ll want to put your piano on display, front and center. 

No matter how big or small your home is, we have some tips for you to keep in mind while creating your music room. 

First, decide where your piano will go

This may sound like an obvious step, but sometimes your ideal space doesn’t match what’s best for the piano. Pianos are more than furniture; they are working ever-changing instruments that need care to keep them in the best playing condition possible. If you’re considering a room, and have a spot picked out, consider these factors:

  • How much foot traffic the area sees – will placing a piano here change the flow of the room? The home?
  • The climate – does the area receive direct sunlight? Does it have vents or registers where heat and cool air will impact the wood?
  • Is this the perfect place for practice, playing, and enjoying? Pianos add ambiance to any room; just ensure everyone in the home will enjoy it. 

Second, put your piano front and center for full enjoyment

Many homeowners tuck their pianos into a corner and forget about them. It’s not much fun to practice in a dark, dingy corner. And the more of an afterthought your piano comes, the more you’ll begin to place other things around it – stacks of books, pile papers on the bench, place knick knacks on the top of the piano. For that reason, we suggest making your piano center of attention for maximum enjoyment. 

Create open space around it for other people to join in. You can place other instruments nearby – guitar, violin, even small instruments like drums and flutes. This is a way to get the entire family playing together. 

You don’t have to leave your piano in traditional stains or colors. Some of the most functional music rooms put brightly colored pianos center stage. Red, yellow, blue, green, or white, if you make it a part of your room, you’re more likely to use it. 

How have you decorated your music room to make it the most used room in your home?