Climate Control For Your Piano Room

Climate Control For Your Piano Room

When you buy a piano, you are making a big investment. A piano, when taken care of properly, can last for many years. It can bring joyful music to your life and even the lives of your heirs.

One of the key factors in taking care of your piano goes beyond maintaining the actual instrument. It involves controlling the climate of the room in which you store your piano. Here are some helpful tips for climate control in your piano room.Climate Control For Your Piano Room

  • You want to maintain a temperature of 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for a piano. If your temperature goes lower or higher, you can damage the wood, the glue, and other components of your piano.
  • You need to store your piano away from drafty areas, windows, and even the vents of the climate-controlled room. This will ensure that the actual temperature of the piano stays within the right limits.
  • If necessary, add an area rug beneath your piano to shield it from the cold floors. This is especially important in rooms that lack the best level of insulation.
  • The humidity level of your piano room should be between 35-45 percent. However, it can be all the way up to 55 percent, and your piano will still be fine. The key to humidity is keeping it constant. It is the fluctuations in humidity that can be damaging to your piano.
  • One of the best things you can do for your piano is to limit its exposure to the elements. This includes direct sunlight, condensation, dust, and smoke. Treat your piano like you would a child and keep it away from elements that can be harmful to it.

Providing the perfect room for your piano will help ensure that your piano has a long and healthy life ahead of it.

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