Choosing The Best Piano For Your House

Choosing The Best Piano For Your House

If you’re shopping for a piano, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the features. With so many things to consider, it takes time to ensure you make the best purchase to suit your needs. 

But there’s something else to consider – choosing the best piano for your house. Not all houses are meant to put a grand piano on display. In some cases, you simply don’t have the room. 

Small spaces

If you live in a home with compact spaces and low ceilings, a smaller upright may be the perfect solution. It can be nestled back into a corner, or snuggled up to a wall. Their music will carry beautifully as it sends warmth throughout the room. 

While it’s easy to get lost in the type of piano you desire, work with a sales associate to find the right piano to suit your home. Measure your walls and ceiling height. How much room do you have available? They can help you find a quality upright that suits your needs. 

Large spaces

The larger your space, the more options you’ll have. You can select the piano that best suits your needs, and sounds good to your ears. 

Once again, speak with a sales associate about your room size. Measure the ceiling height, and take note of the furnishings. Some pianos will produce a bright sound with high ceilings and lots of windows. Others may get lost in the furnishings, especially with heavy drapery and thick, plush carpets. Sound depends on the aesthetics of a room, and a seasoned piano player can help you select the perfect piano for your room layout. 

Shared spaces

Do you have a room where everyone gathers? A family room where there is constant action? 

It may make sense to place a piano in a shared space. After all, you enjoy being together as a family, and a piano could entice sing-alongs. 

Yet in this case, it may also be challenging to get in daily practice. Choosing the best piano may mean moving digital. This will allow a piano player to plug in headphones and play no matter who else is around. 

Personal spaces

Yes, you can bring a piano into any room. If you have a budding music writer, maybe a good choice includes a piano that’s portable. You can set it up, pack it away, even carry it to a club or music hall. 

What’s the right piano for you?

There are dozens of piano manufacturers. There are many different piano choices to allow you to select the right one for you. 

If you’re in the market for a new piano, it’s not just the piano itself to consider. Pay attention to where you’ll place the piano inside your home to ensure maximum playability. 

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