Celebrating National Piano Month

Celebrating National Piano Month

September is here and with it comes a celebration of pianos! That’s right – Celebrating National Piano MonthSeptember is National Piano month. It is a time to reflect upon all things that are good about pianos and what their beautiful music has brought to our lives. Here are some interesting facts about music to help you celebrate National Piano month.

  • Music has been proven to help students that struggle in academics. Studies have shown that children exposed to musical programs demonstrated improved test scores after only a few months of regular exposure.
  • Studies have also shown that children involved in instrumental music programs consistently scored higher on standardized tests than their non-musical classmates.
  • Students that create their own music also score higher on standardized testing than non-musical peers.
  • College graduates with a major in music are more likely to be accepted into medical school.
  • Music programs, especially instrumental programs, can help a child score well in math. Learning to read music and play an instrument requires the use of various forms of complex skills, such as ratios and fractions – all learned skills that can be applied in math classes.
  • Helping a young child to learn about rhythm can help her be more successful in learning other skills during early childhood education.
  • The SAT scores of students taking musical courses are, on average, higher in the areas of math and verbal skills.
  • Musical students, especially college students, are healthier on an emotional level than non-musical students. They experience less anxiety and stress and have more confidence in themselves in test-taking scenarios.
  • The value of music throughout education is demonstrated around the world. The most academic countries – Japan, the Netherlands, and Hungary – all consider musical education to be imperative to a child’s overall education.

It is clear that music is an important part of any child’s life, whether in elementary school or college. Music broadens the mind and the horizons, giving children the solid footing they need to reach higher than ever!

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