Can Your Love Of Piano Turn Into A Career?

Can Your Love Of Piano Turn Into A Career?

A child takes up piano playing because her parents feel it would be a good investment of time. It improves math skills and can help you do better in school. It seems like the perfect activity for a young, budding artist.

Slowly she works at her skill and finds she loves the piano. Her parent improve her ability by giving her more lessons and buying her the grand piano she’s been dreaming of. She begins performing throughout the state and is recognized for her ability.

Can Your Love Of Piano Turn Into A Career?As she approaches college, she announces her love for the piano continues to grow. She wants to continue her love for piano beyond college and make it a full time career.

Is this possible? Can someone in today’s world turn their love of the piano into a career that won’t leave them on your door step as a starving artist?

The answer is overwhelmingly a yes.

If your child has expressed interest in continuing their love of piano playing and make it a full time career, before they head into college, have them do a little research first. With the Internet its easy to find all kinds of people and career potential with just a few clicks of the mouse.

An easy way to start out is to have her find 10 different people that all use the piano to make a living, and contact them for a little more information on how they go about it. Keep in mind that career potential isn’t always sitting on center stage and performing in front of an audience. It can be everything from the manufacturing side of things to the education side of things, and of course as an entertainer as well.

Once she has done her research and has a long list of career potentials, have her define her own desires and wants. This can help her discover what type of education is the most appropriate for her.

For instance if she loves the piano and likes the concept of teaching as well, she may decide to double major in piano and in early education. Or a double major of piano and business may help her turn into a budding entrepreneur.

By seeing her potential early on, it will help her focus on what to do and where to apply in the coming months and years.

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