Can Your Kids Make Money Playing Piano? Hello, YouTube

Can Your Kids Make Money Playing Piano? Hello, YouTube

So you want your kids to be successful. You push them in many ways. 

Put them onto a sports team – maybe they can get a scholarship.

Help them do well in school – college is in their future.

Let them build their own YouTube channel. What!?

A lot of parents have trouble seeing the world through their kids’ eyes. Kids want to play video games. They spend way too much time online. They are obsessed with social media. 

And we try to put a stop to it all because … we don’t understand it. 

But here’s the thing you should know about social media. Despite what you hear in the news, not all of it is bad. It’s just a new way of life. 

Did you know a lot of YouTubers are making millions of dollars just by posting regularly to their YouTube channel?


You can join the YouTube Partner Program

If you start a YouTube channel and build it with a lot of followers who watch regularly, YouTube has a program where they pay you based on your views and subscriptions. 

You can earn from Premium Subscriptions

Not all videos on YouTube are available for view to the general public. Some are walled off and available only if you pay for the premium content. The more people willing to pay to view your content, the more you get paid. 

You can get paid via third-party distributors

If your music becomes popular, other services may want to stream it too. iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon music may all be interested in selling downloads of your content on their own platforms. 

You can build a brand

The more popular you become, the more you can take your brand out to the world in different ways. Build a website. Take your show on the road. Work with other companies and artists to grow your following. Potential opens up the more creative you are. 

You can make other products

Many businesses are set up on YouTube that are tools and helpers for people that have a love of playing the piano. These businesses all have the potential of making money in the exact same way as mentioned above. 

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