Can You Turn Your Love For Piano Playing Into A Career?

Can You Turn Your Love For Piano Playing Into A Career?

Even as small children, we’re constantly thinking about our children’s futures. What will give them opportunities to be happy and healthy throughout their lives?

That’s why we push them to be better readers, take higher level classes, go out for sports, and apply to the colleges with the highest ratings. We do it because we want the best for them.

Whether you have one, two, or three children, you probably learned very quickly that no two are the same. One excels in sports while another has an analytical brain. One favors math while another favors humanities. It would be a very dull world if they were all the same.Can You Turn Your Love For Piano Playing Into A Career?

Yet we push kids into things that follow current trends – STEM classes that are all science and math based, thinking it offers the most career opportunities. But is that so?

What if your child excels at music? What if they have an ear for composition? Is there a future in playing the piano? If a child really loves music, loves playing the piano, there are many ways to further that and turn it into viable career choices.

Start with the typical. When we think of turning a love for piano playing into a career, the typical jobs come to mind. Playing in an orchestra. Giving piano lessons. Becoming a concert pianist. And they are all viable options. If your child loves the piano, any of these can be pursued for both part time and full time opportunities.

But it’s not the only option.

For many businesses, music is an integral part of the job. Movies wouldn’t be nearly as good without music. Even commercials have a common jingle behind the words. Composers create original music, and arrangers take existing music and put it together by instrument, and to work for particular needs and desires.

How about a music journalist? Between magazines, trade publications, online journals, websites, blogs and review sites, there is a world of opportunity for people to let their musical talents shine. In some cases, an investigative nature is needed, diving into learning the ins and outs of the business. And in some cases people can turn their love into viable business options – piano lessons via YouTube for instance – in any manner they choose. With today’s changing technology, anything can be possible.

Another growing field is music therapy. Using many methods – singing, playing an instrument, rhythm movement or even composing – can help a patient’s treatment. And because we are just now discovering the benefits this brings to many areas of healthcare, it’s expected to be an increasing field for many years to come.

You can also combine technology and music into one career with things like sound engineers. Technology and music often meet in the mixing room, where people monitor the editing equipment and make sure all recordings are produced as they should.

Still think there are no viable career options if your child pursues music?