Can You Self-Teach Piano?

Can You Self-Teach Piano?

What comes to mind when you hear the term: self-teach piano?

Do you envision a protege sitting down and playing well with no formal training? They’re a natural …

Or maybe you anticipate plucking out every song you wish to play, listening and learning to play by ear …

There’s more to self-teaching than that. 

You can self-teach piano to yourself by choosing your education on your own. Instead of working with a trained piano, you decide to take control over your learning, and do things your way instead. 

And it’s easier than ever, thanks to today’s technology. 

Start with learning

How do you prefer to learn? Are you a book person? Do you like demonstrations? Do you prefer games to guide you along? You’ll find many different methods of learning if you start searching. Start by purchasing beginner piano music. Google anything – you’ll find videos that can help you through any problem. You can invest in apps and programs that guide you along. 

As you find different learning tools, use them to guide your progress. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and look for other ways to learn. That’s what makes you more proficient in your practice sessions, and turns you into a better piano player. 

Improve your technology

Chances are you use technology for everything in your life. Why not playing the piano? You can store your music on your tablet. You can take lessons with videos. You can even form a band and practice via Zoom. 

With every step you take, it’s important to invest wisely in the technology you bring home. Every hobby begins with having the right tools. A great piano is your starting point. Then let your desires guide you along. If you want to write your own music, you might need specific tools. If you want to sing while you play and record it for YouTube, you’ll need different pieces of equipment. With a quick Google search, you can find everything you need for your next step. 

Follow your instinct

Even the best self-taught piano players have one thing in common – desire. They consistently gave themselves challenges, and moved to the next level through curiosity. 

What’s speaking to you right now? What is important for you to learn? 

Follow your heart, and it will lead you to become a better player.