Can You Really Learn From Online Piano Lessons?

Can You Really Learn From Online Piano Lessons?

It seems as if everything we do has moved online. You can use virtual for just about everything you do. Schedule a visit with your doctor? Have a meeting with your staff? Online works for just about everything. 

Including online piano lessons. 

Are online piano lessons right for you or your child? There are a few things to consider before you sign up. 

Student motivation

Only you can know how you or your child learns best. Are they the type that listens well to instruction? Do they need physical attention to keep their mind on their work? Can they self-regulate their actions with only a few verbal queues? If so, online piano lessons may be the perfect choice for learning. 

More individualized attention

Finding an instructor with your desired goals and objectives in mind isn’t always easy. But if you can search online for your learning style, you can find a specific instructor that helps you play at the level you choose. Whether you want to be the next rock star, or prefer classical instruction, you’ll find an instructor perfectly matched with your desires. 


While in-person instructors rely on physical interaction between student and instructor, a good online piano lesson can include a variety of modalities for learning. From videos, to apps, to group performances, with the world as your learning environment, teachers can get creative with what they include in their lessons. 


What makes online piano lessons so powerful is that they allow students access to whatever they desire. Get specific about what you want to achieve with your piano lessons. How well do you want to play? What do you choose to do? 

Then go out and find it. With a little search, you can find any kind of lessons to motivate you. 

We are turning into a digital world. While face-to-face has its positives, combining it with online piano lessons will allow you to boost your skills and become the type of piano player you truly want to be.