Can I Learn The Piano At My Age?

Can I Learn The Piano At My Age?

Are you heading into retirement and ready to pick up a new hobby? Has music always been an important part of your life? 

Maybe now is the time to give piano lessons a try. No matter what your age, playing the piano is one hobby that anyone can take up and perfect. 

Playing the piano can provide many things in your life. It can help improve memory, reduce stress, and calm anxiety. No matter what your age, sit down at a piano and it can feel like an old friend. Can I Learn The Piano At My Age?

Still, what can you expect if you start playing the piano when you’re older? Will your age stand between you and perfecting your talent?

The great thing about age is you become more settled in your ways. In your twenties and thirties, you may be looking for ways to develop hidden talent. By your forties and fifties, you have more self-motivation to bring your dreams to the forefront. By your sixties and seventies, you have the time to devote to what you want to do. 

The key is in looking for instruction that fits your lifestyle. While a cutesy game meant for grade schoolers may look like fun, it probably won’t motivate you for the long term. Find an instructor that has experience in helping people your age learn to play. 

Commit to practice every day. 

And remember to enjoy yourself along the way. Give yourself motivation and work towards a goal. If you’ve always wanted to play a certain song, let your instructor know. They’re just as excited as you are to help you along your journey. 

What tips have you found help you in making you a better piano player?