Can Free Piano Lessons Work For You?

Can Free Piano Lessons Work For You?

Free. Thanks to the internet, you can find anything you want for free. But as the adage goes, you often get what you pay for. Sometimes free isn’t really free after all. 

Yet a lot of perfecting your ability to play the piano comes from commitment and dedication. If you want to learn to play, and have the desire to be the best piano player you can, sometimes free resources can help you refine your skills. 

How can you learn for free? How can you refine your skills?

Start by listening to piano music

Often, we listen to music without thinking about how it’s created. The next time you listen to your favorite musician, pay attention to the instruments. Can you pick out the piano? What other instruments are being used? You can listen for chords you can try and play yourself. The more you start paying attention to how music is created, the more you should expand and listen to other genres as well. How about heading to your local orchestra for a concert? Or watch videos online and pay attention to what instrument does what. This can help you improve your own skills rapidly. 

Read biographies of the greatest musicians in the world

Biographies are designed to provide you with insight into how people thought and the actions they took. Sometimes you can pick up pieces of information and use it to apply to your own life. Plus, they can be interesting and entertaining. You can even move from reading about a musician, to watching them on the big screen. Wasn’t Bohemian Rhapsody an epic movie? 

Visit your favorites on YouTube

You can find just about anything you desire on YouTube, including the best piano players in the world. This gives you a chance to not only listen to them, but to see them in action. YouTube has another skill that can help you improve your piano playing. It recommends other videos the algorithms think you might enjoy. Expand your repertoire and learn all you can about making music. 

Don’t ignore technology

Every day, technology is taking us to new heights. If you have access to something online, give it a try. Maybe a game you’ve been given access to, or free music that catches your ear. Maybe a site for you to learn and listen to. Or an application that can help you improve your practice. Just be aware of what helps you grow, and what sucks away your time. 

Are you ready to become the best piano player you can be? Why not give free piano lessons a try. Just be aware of how they’re helping you improve the skills you hope to achieve. 

Practice and play because you love it. Any kind of learning you can do that helps you improve is as beneficial as it can be.