Can a 3 Year Old Learn To Play Piano?

Can a 3 Year Old Learn To Play Piano?

We’ve all seen videos of young prodigies in action. A 5 year old swings a golf club and makes a hole in one. Or a 3 year old sits down at the piano and plays Bach perfectly. 

But is that reality? Can a 2 year old really learn to play the piano? Or are you setting them up for failure? 

People are naturally drawn to the piano. No matter who walks up to a keyboard – a one year old or a hundred year old – we all have the tendency to push the keys and plunk out a tune. It makes music, after all, and that can be an exciting thing. Especially when you start to hear a familiar tune. 

But pushing a few keys is different than taking lessons and practicing every day. 

The best age to start learning to play piano is somewhere between the ages of six and nine. That’s where concentration and focus start coming into play, making it easier to sit and learn. Of course, it ultimately depends on your child and what they are capable of. 

Physical characteristics

In a lot of cases, a small child simply doesn’t have hand size and coordination to play the piano. It takes a great deal of skill for finger independence and ability to sit down and play. Will the fingers stretch and move from key to key with ease? You can always adjust the bench to the proper height. But it is important for proper hand placement. 

Basic motor skills

The piano is a skill that takes a lifetime to master. Start too early and it leads to frustration. It’s important that your child has proper motor skills, and they can reach throughout the keys, playing with ease. They also need adequate strength to carry the arms up and down the keyboard, pushing down the keys. That’s why violins are often easier to start at earlier ages. 


It’s important to have the proper attention span to sit down and play. Your child will learn much faster if they are truly motivated to play. Do they like producing music? Do they have favorite songs? Are they motivated to learn and do so willingly without constant prodding from you? 


Is your child motivated to sit for up to thirty minutes at a time? Can they follow simple instructions and be motivated and work toward successes? Do they understand that it takes time to build skill, and have motivation to work towards a goal? Your child will have more success if the desire is there to grow. 

Is your 3 year old ready to learn to play piano?