Buying Used Pianos In Memphis Tennessee

Buying Used Pianos In Memphis Tennessee

Depending on the style of piano you are looking for, a used piano may be a perfect option for you.

But if you don’t understand the process for buying a used piano, you may wind up with a piano that is anything but quality.

We know. As a piano dealer in the Memphis Tennessee area with over 50 years in the business, we’ve experienced just about everything when it comes to pianos. We truly do know the good and the bad.

Buying Used Pianos In Memphis TennesseeWhen you come into our store, we have a large selection of new, used and vintage pianos. And if you’re looking for something particular, we can help you find it. With more than 50 years in the business, we know the places to look and the people to call when it comes to finding the perfect piano for you.

Typically when people its time to buy a piano, they make two mistakes.

1. They shop by price.

2. They shop for today.

And its easy to fall into both of these traps. Maybe you have a child that expresses interest in playing piano. You don’t want to make a huge investment until you know whether he will continue or not. So you look for the “cheapest” piano you can get with the intention of “upgrading” when he practices and decides he likes the piano over time.

This is the quickest path to failure.

The cheapest piano you can find may be of poor quality, out of tune, and overall difficult to gain musicality from. A piano that isn’t designed to improve and have quality performance as your child expands limits his abilities right from the start. If your child can’t hear the music and tone he’s making, he won’t want to continue.

There is another way.

There are many used pianos that are excellent quality and offer you options when helping your child be all he can be.

We only purchase quality used pianos when we know the story behind it and can refurbish or repair it to an excellent condition. When you take home a used piano, rest assured it can provide you with years of top quality service. And give your child the opportunity to be the best musician he can be.

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