Buying A Piano For The First Time

Buying A Piano For The First Time

Learning a new instrument is difficult for everyone. Piano is no different. 

To excel, it’s important to keep an open mind. Not only about the processes you’ll be learning, but also about the struggles you’ll have to overcome. When you feel like giving up, that’s when it’s important to persevere. 

That’s natural with all learning. The first part may seem easy enough. But eventually you hit a wall, and you feel like the piano might not be for you. Take heart. Piano is a lifelong skill you’ll love. 

But one of the things that can hold you back (that few people consider) is the quality of your instrument. If it doesn’t sound right, you’ll never be able to create beautiful sound. And that can hold you back Buying A Piano For The First Timeindefinitely.

If you’re buying a piano for the first time, where do you start?

For a beginner, buying your first piano is a tough process. Pianos aren’t disposable. And if you make a mistake, it might be one you have to live with for a long time. 

That’s why you should consider your piano purchase a lifelong investment from the start. Don’t grab one just because it looks like a “good deal.” If it doesn’t sound right, you won’t play it. 

What is your vision of your pianist skills? Do you want to play for relaxation? Or do you see yourself playing in front of an audience someday? Are you planning on teaching piano? Or is it more of a hobby you’ll do on the side? 

Different pianos accommodate different needs. 

An acoustic piano is typically the best for sound and performance. It’s the kind you’ll see and hear whenever the great pianists of the world are involved. 

There are two types: upright and grand. The difference lies in its frame and strings. Grands have horizontal strings extended to the keyboard. Uprights use a vertical frame that makes it more compact and less expensive. There’s a reason you see grand pianos used in performances. The sound is parallel to none. 

Thanks to technology, you can also invest in a digital piano. Digital pianos are the most versatile pianos around. But don’t buy an inexpensive one from the local big box store. It’s important to purchase a high-quality digital piano that fully mimics the functionality of an acoustic. Otherwise, the skills will be non-transferable and you won’t be able to play as well as you’ve hoped. 

Are you ready to buy a piano for the first time? Stop by today. We can help you make the right selection for your needs.