Buying A Baby Grand Piano

Buying A Baby Grand Piano

So you’re ready to buy a baby grand piano for your home. 

Baby grands make a statement. They aren’t put away when you’re done playing them. They aren’t tucked away into a corner. They aren’t hidden away in a closet. 

Baby grands are put on display. 

That makes it worth the time to find the right one for your home. 

Before you settle, keep these tips in mind. 

Stick with reputable brandsBuying A Baby Grand Piano

With many things we buy, a “deal” is often too irresistible to put aside. Trust your instincts when purchasing a baby grand an say no to the deals. There are a lot of working parts with a piano. And if something isn’t working right, you’ll notice it immediately. Never settle on a brand without doing your research. A reputable dealer will even encourage it. 

Size matters

If you’ve found a baby grand that’s below 5 feet in length, it’s better to move on. It’s probably not much more than a toy. According to industry standards, a concert grand is anything more than 7 feet in length. A classic grand is in the six to seven feet range, while the baby grand is under six feet in length. The longer models have better action response. They also produce a better sound. If size matters to fit into your room, you’re almost always better off shifting to an upright if you need a smaller piano to fit the space. 

Used pianos 

Don’t be afraid to shift to the used piano market to get the high-quality instrument you’re looking for. You don’t have to search Craigslist to find the perfect choice. A reputable dealer buys and sells high-quality used instruments and is happy to steer you to the right piano for your situation.  What’s great about visiting a dealer and seeing many pianos side by side is your ability to hear them in action. What makes one piano different from another? Sit down and play for a bit. You’ll quickly see what it is. 

Select the environment carefully

Have you always dreamed of placing your piano in a specific area of your home? Is it the best place for your piano? Pianos are high maintenance instruments. They won’t perform well with areas that are constantly changing in temperature, humidity, sunlight, or even dust and debris. If a piano is subjected to the elements for too long, the damage may increase enough to be irreparable. 

A piano is an investment

When you invest in a baby grand, it’s something that will live in your home for a long time. With the right maintenance, it can give you pleasure for decades to come. That means proper tuning every year. That means proper maintenance and repair as the need arises. 

Are you looking for a new baby grand piano for your home?