Beginning Piano Students – Do You Suffer From One Of These Problems?

Beginning Piano Students – Do You Suffer From One Of These Problems?

When you decide to learn to play the piano, you’re excited about the possibilities. You dream of the day you can sit down at the keyboard and play your favorite music. 

But quickly you realize there’s more to it than that. You discover it’s difficult, you hit problems you can’t seem to overcome. 

Before you get frustrated and quit altogether, realize you’re not alone. Every beginning piano student faces problems. Here are some of the most common. 

Not using the right tools

Yes, there’s more to playing a piano than just the piano itself. 

Let’s start with the piano bench. You can’t pull up any old chair and expect to play. You need the right space to reach the keyboard and the pedals without straining your muscles. Your hands should be perfectly placed. You shouldn’t have to stretch to reach the floor. 

How about a metronome? Using a metronome can assist you in practicing, so you start to gain a sense of rhythm. Beginners often slow down as they come across new material, or hit challenging spaces in the music. Metronomes keep them on track, setting the rhythm to help keep you in time. 

Of course, there are also many other ways to learn about music. Apps are a great way to feel more comfortable with playing scales or learning more about musicality. A good instructor will ensure you are well versed, to enjoy playing that much more. 

Not finding the right piano teacher

This isn’t about using your next door neighbor because she has a piano. A good teacher can be the difference between quitting and playing for a lifetime. Too often, people buy into online apps because they want to test the waters, and see if their child is truly interested. That isn’t gifting your child the love of making music. You have to find an instructor that can help your child hold interest, especially when the first challenges come their way. 

Not practicing the right way

There’s a saying in the music field: practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes it perfect. You can practice something incorrectly over and over again; it won’t make it right. 

Instead, it’s about learning the way to perfect the time you do spend at the keyboard. And that’s where a good instructor can help. 

Keep in mind that instructors have different approaches. As your child grows, they may learn better from other instructors. Find ways to challenge your child. Give them role models they can aspire to be like as they age. 

What beginning piano problems are your students facing?