Age is an Advantage When Taking Up The Piano

Age is an Advantage When Taking Up The Piano

One of the most common questions we get is: can adults learn the piano? 

We believe age is an advantage when taking up the piano. Here’s why. 

You’re ready to commit to learning

We place kids in activities to introduce them to new things. We have no idea what they’ll take to, what they’ll like, what they’ll enjoy. As adults, we have a deep understanding of what brings us joy. We’re ready to commit to the things we want in our lives. If you’ve set your eyes on playing the piano, you’ll be more dedicated to its outcome. 

You can process through holdbacks

Kids can get frustrated and not have a voice to tell you what’s wrong. As an adult, we have the power to ask questions, do research, and discover solutions to our problems. A top complaint for adults learning to play the piano is figuring out how to put all the pieces together – reading music, and having the left and right hands play differently on the keyboard. With a little research, you can discover how others get through this process. You’ll learn patience and discover how others manage. You’ll have the knowledge to keep working through until you figure things out. 

You can be flexible with the process

Like other hobbies, piano playing isn’t meant to be an end result. It’s the process. It’s the journey. And you can discover a variety of ways to keep it fresh in your life. While you may wish to work with an instructor, you might also choose to find a group to share your newfound hobby. Maybe you sign up for a membership with your local symphony, seeing firsthand how others take it to the top. 

You can ask for help

For many adults, we understand help is just a phone call (or internet search) away. You’re not the first to start down this path. There are many others just like you facing challenges and enjoying the new hobby you’ve decided to pursue. Whether on an online forum, or asking someone in your local community, there’s always a resource waiting and ready to help you along. Just ask. 

What questions do you have about starting up piano? What advantages have you found at piano playing at your age? 

When you’re ready to take your piano playing to the next level, we can help. Let us know what questions you have about playing the piano.