Advantages Of Practicing On A Digital Piano

Advantages Of Practicing On A Digital Piano

Debating whether to invest in a digital piano for your child, or sticking with the ever-faithful acoustic piano? Each have their distinct advantages and disadvantages.Advantages Of Practicing On A Digital Piano

For most piano players, their roots stem from an acoustic background. And in many cases acoustic pianos offer a world of benefits to every level of piano playing. But in today’s technological world, digital pianos do offer some distinct advantages.

Advantage #1: Lots of opportunity to change the sound

When you look at a high quality digital piano, you can’t miss the buttons and levers that bring different sounds to life. Push a button and your piano instantly turns into a harpsichord. Push another and you’ll move to an organ. And that’s just the beginning. Each voice has it’s own variations, with the ability to switch things quickly to make it brighter, or more mellow.

You can adjust things to match your playability. Like a lighter touch? Change it with a button. Want different reverb options? Change it stronger or lighter. Not only can you change it based on the song your are playing, you can use the different functions to change the mood, add creativity into every song you play. The ability to change the sound at the touch of a button can add to your creativity, and make you a better player. Boredom will never come with this many functions.

Advantage #2: The recording function can improve your playing

One of the best ways to become a better piano player is to hear how you play. In fact, people have been recording themselves for years. (Only digital makes it easier.) Play a piece until you’re reasonably sure you play it well. Record. Listen. Then use it to change and correct the errors you heard in what you played. When you’re busy playing, you miss the tiny details that become oh so obvious when you listen. This can improve your playability in just a short period of time.

Advantage #3: Use the headphones

Using headphones while you practice offers many distinct advantages.

Feel like playing and practicing … at midnight while the rest of your family sleeps? Headphones give you the ability to play any time without a sound.

Feel a little self conscious when you pick up a song for the very first time? Headphones allow you to plunk away at a tune and play it badly, until you repeat it many times to help it improve.

Get easily distracted while you play? Headphones can bring you to your own private world. It helps you stay focused while you play.

Of course there are many other advantages to practicing on a digital piano, these are just three. And is digital playing perfect? Nope, there are always advantages and disadvantages to everything. But if your ultimate goal is to become a better piano player and have fun with it along the way, owning a digital piano may give you options you would never have with an acoustic. They are amazing instruments, one you’ll fall in love with from the beginning.