Advantages of Buying a Used Piano

Advantages of Buying a Used Piano

It’s summertime and your kids are bored. You remember taking piano lessons as a child, and now is the perfect opportunity to give them that same love of music. But first, you have to buy a piano for them to practice, and with so many styles and brands, new and used, how are you ever going to choose? Used pianos are a good option for you to consider for many reasons.

Advantages of Buying a Used Piano

  1. The upfront cost of used pianos can be less expensive than new pianos. If you have a price range in mind when shopping for a piano, this is good news for you. For one, you are more likely to find the style of piano you were originally considering at a lower price. As well, you might also consider getting a piano that would have been outside your budget as a new instrument. Though restoring the piano will add to this initial cost, buying used still is often the less expensive option.

  2. There is more choice of styles and finishes, and people looking for an antique piano can have good luck. It can be more fun when shopping for used pianos simply because of how many interesting styles and varieties there are. By looking at older pianos, you can also find not just an instrument but also an interesting piece of art or décor for your home.

  3. Used pianos don’t depreciate in value like new pianos do. If you were to buy a new piano and then sell it again in a few years, there is a good chance that it will lose a lot of its value in that time. By buying a used piano, there is not as much of a risk of this happening. As its value has already depreciated before you bought it, it won’t depreciate in value much more than it already has if you were to sell it later on.

  4. Problems can be fixed. A used piano, no matter how gently treated, will have signs of wear and tear on it. Yet by buying it used from a quality piano dealer, you are ensured it is in good working condition and will be an asset to your home. Pianos are meant to be played. Yet over the years, playing, sitting, and environmental changes can take its toll – that happens to both new and used. For your piano to remain an asset in your home, periodic tuning and maintenance will help it stay in the quality condition you are purchasing today.

  5. You are likely going to have to invest more time in looking for a used piano that you like. There is such a variety out there compared to new pianos, especially in styling and sound, that it might be more challenging to find that instrument that fits what you have in mind. Test out many different pianos and find one that suits your needs. Come in and try a few out – let us know what you are looking for. If we have an idea in mind, we can help you look for it. And get you the perfect addition to bring music into your home.

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