A Guide To Buying A Used Steinway Piano

A Guide To Buying A Used Steinway Piano

Are you shopping for a used Steinway piano?

Not every used Steinway is the same. Just because a Craigslist ad says it’s a Steinway doesn’t mean it truly is. There are a lot of factors that go into consideration to determine a genuine Steinway. And every seller, dealer and technician will classify it in a different way.A Guide To Buying A Used Steinway Piano

Typically, used Steinways are broken down into several categories

Original – a used Steinway that has never had any parts replaced since the manufacturing process. They are typically less than 20 years old.

Repaired – the piano has been repaired over time without replacing any of the major components. It has been maintained and is still playable.

Rebuilt – all of the components have been built to original specifications. Soundboards, bridges, and action parts are the most common items to be rebuilt.

Shell – the piano has never been restored and is not in playable condition. It has been neglected, damaged or compromised.

Factory Restored – if a Steinway was restored at the Steinway Restoration Center, it has original parts replaced with genuine Steinway parts.

Stein-Was – a piano that has had one or more parts replaced with non=Steinway parts.

To determine the authenticity of a Steinway, find the serial number. On a grand, it is found on a cast iron plate between the tuning pins above the keyboard. On an upright, it is located on a cast iron plate when you open the top lid. A search will show you the date of your piano. You can request the history depending on its age.

Used, vintage and restored Steinway pianos are often prized for their beauty and value. However, there is a great deal of confusion in the piano industry about what constitutes a Steinway. Because many rebuilders use non-Steinway parts in the process, they often claim it doesn’t matter. But using inferior products and workmanship will compromise the instrument’s quality. If it doesn’t have the parts that give it its unique, rich quality, the performance will be forever lost.

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