5 Things To Ask Before Buying A Previously Owned Piano

5 Things To Ask Before Buying A Previously Owned Piano

Buying a piano is a major decision. And one of the first factors you’ll have to consider is whether to buy new or used.

A previously owned piano can be a good investment… if you know what questions to ask before writing out the check.5 Things To Ask Before Buying A Previously Owned Piano

Why are you selling the piano?
Have you ever noticed people will give you all kinds of information if you ask? If you’re approaching a third part or private seller, take the time to ask why they’ve decided to sell. Inspecting it can often lead you to make a false assumption that a piano is in good shape. But when you ask, private parties will often provide lots of stories about a piano’s past. Some might sell because they need the money. Some might sell because no one in the home can play, it was simply an antique passed down. In both cases, their response may clue you in that they don’t know how to take care of a piano either. Pianos need regular maintenance, and if it’s been sitting there for years, it may require a lot of tuning and restoration to make it playable.

Was a maintenance schedule followed?
Every piano, no matter if it’s played on a regular basis or not, needs regular tuning. Skipping tuning will affect the sound quality, so it’s crucial to check if a tuning schedule was followed. If tuning has been completed, you can also inquire who performed the tuning. DIY methods rarely work, as tuning is a difficult process that is learned over time. Experienced professionals are always best.

Who plays the piano?
Did the owner purchase the piano from a friend to provide piano lessons to a small child? Or did a professional musician play it on a regular basis? The more advanced the player, the better guarantee you’ll have that the piano is quality and was well taken care of.

How often has the piano been moved?
If the piano has been moved on a frequent basis, it could be a sign that it has received potential damage during a move. If a piano has moved several times, check to see if any restoration work has been completed.

What is the asking price?
While many people will lead and create their ads with the price they desire, asking again can reveal how serious they are. Never purchase on the spot. Instead, make sure you do your own research. If you find equal comparisons are much higher, it could be a sign the owner is hiding something. If they are willing to negotiate for a quick sale, there more than likely is something wrong.

Pianos are a major investment. Selecting a high quality piano can give you years of enjoyment, provide you with a musical instrument you’ll be proud to play. Do your homework and make sure you have the right piano for your home. And if we can help, just ask.